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Let’s Talk Condoms. How Do You Feel ?

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Talk SexAttitudes concerning birth control have changed dramatically. Attitudes are important because they reflect our willingness to discuss issues such as birth control, women’s health, or HIV. Clearly, there’s a lot more to condoms than a single topic of conversation. As one of the world’s most popular forms of contraceptive, their impact is enormous. Not only are condoms on a level with modern medicine, environmental sustainability, and women’s rights in terms of global impact, they enable them.

That’s something to talk about!

That’s why experts in diverse fields, from climate change to gender equity, are going on about condoms, contraception, and family planning. Many are even rallying around family planning to be recognized as part of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals to be finalized in September. Family planning leads to more stable households and equitable communities which respect women’s health. These factors support economic development and better management of resources. In fact, family planning might be the most efficient means to protect the environment and fight poverty. Condoms, of course, play a vital role in this.

If that sound like a mouthful already, we’re just getting started. We need to begin a new conversation about condoms which emphasizes their role in making the world a more sustainable and balanced place. That means talking about condoms differently; listening to new perspectives. For this reason, Naked Condoms, markets its condoms to women to emphasize that women are beneficiaries of their use and, therefore, should have the authority to expect them. A healthy relationship between men and women is intimate, so it only makes sense that their needs are best served together.

Getting away from the idea that condoms are merely a man’s contraceptive is not only a practical decision, but more accurate. There is a lot more to say about condoms. It is vitally important that more people know about the importance of contraception. So, the next time you have the chance, don’t be hesitant to start a conversation about condoms.

Here is your chance, share your comments below does it really matter ?

Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore.

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Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore.

Published on the opening scene of HBO’s The Newsroom” TV series.

This short clip speaks volumes to where America ranks in the “greatest countries in the world list” and narrows in on some of the values and beliefs we once stood for. Over the decades what once was a driving factor in our country is slowly slipping away. This is why it’s important more than ever that companies and individuals must stand up for not only Americas rank but the worlds.

That is why Naked Condoms has laid the gauntlet down to the other contraceptive brands by giving away over 2 million condoms as a commitment to further the family planning movement. Naked was created not just as a contraceptive but a way for us to make a difference we believe the right of all woman to have a choice, to say no, to find their power their inner beauty.

Your decision makes the world a better place for everyone.
Decide to be Naked.

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