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Inside the Oscar Swag Bag 2012, 2014 & 2015

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Naked Condoms at the Oscar

$165k of Luxury swag.

The 2015 Academy Awards are Sunday Feb 22nd, 2015 and the nominees are eagerly waiting in anticipation. Incredible actors such as Bradley Cooper or Emma Stone may not go home with the Oscar, but this year everyone leaves a winner.

Not every nominee will have the opportunity to take home one of the entertainment industry’s most prestigious awards, but those who come up short will still be sent home with a record-breaking swag bag filled with a whopping $167,000 in luxury goodies.

“Everyone Wins at the Oscars”

Some of the pricier articles in the bag are a complimentary three night stay at a five-star hotel in Tuscany, Italy, and a train ride through the Canadian Rockies valued at $14,000.

Still, the sexiest and most luxurious item comes wrapped in foil.

For the third year in a row, unsuccessful Oscar nominees will have the good fortune of taking home four boxes of the world’s only luxury condom. This gift has a nominal value of $60, but in the moment, it will feel like a million.

These elegant products are designed with a patented Pleasure Fit shape that enhances sensitivity and are dipped from the softest and thinnest latex around. For added comfort in the moment, the condoms are then covered with a thin layer of the highest quality silicone lubricant on the market, which was specially formulated for use with Naked Condoms.

The condoms come in four different sizes, to ensure that they will be an ideal product for any user.

  • $5.49 bottle of Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant and another bottle of Dove Men+Care antiperspirant.
  • $24.99 for a 5-pack of assorted fabric cloth pieces from The Tie Thing which help hold ties in place.
  • $36 non-sticky, Vegan-friendly lip gloss from Flickable.
  • $68 six-pack of herbal-tea-based lollipops from Dosha Pops that will come in a 24K edible gold leaf assortment.
  • $69 pillow for frequent travelers from NapAnywhere.
  • $75 in Washington state apples from Ambrosia Apples.
  • $250 vibrator from Afterglow Science.
  • $280 worth of organic maple syrup, salad dressings, jellies, mustard, and an apron from Rouge Maple.
  • $300 trio of specially designed bracelets from Jan Lewis Designs. Men will receive silk ties.
  • $900 for Ten sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky.
  • $1,200 worth of Healing Saint products from Wellness 360 including skin serum that reduces fine lines, a hair-growth stimulant, protein mix, vitamins, and minerals.
  • $1,548 VIP tour to a private sea-salt preserve in the South of France from La Baleine Natural Mediterranean Sea Salts.
  • $4,068 non-invasive liposuction wearable device from Ventura Lipo-Light.
  • $5,000 “O-Shot” couples procedure to kickstart sex drives.
  • $5,060 home spa system from Steamist.
  • $12,500 glamour camping trip from TerraVelo Tours that includes surfing, horseback riding, hot-air-balloon rides, and more.
  • $14,239 lifestyle makeover from Reset Yourself.
  • $14,584 luxury rail trip through the Canadian Rockies from Rocky Mountaineer.
  • $20,000 gift certificate from Enigma Life to have the founder fly out and tell each Oscar nominee (and host) his or her 2015 horoscope.
  • $3.99 bag of gluten-free, vegan popcorn from Live Love Pop.
  • $8.97 worth of designer mints from XO Mints.
  • $8.99 in nuts from Linwoods Health Foods.
  • $8.99 in Dunkin Donuts coffee.
  • $12 StickerWallet that sticks to phones or smart devices.
  • $15.99 copy of New York Times best-seller “An Invisible Thread.”
  • $17 in wooden wick candles from Coal & Canary.
  • $19.99 in acne treatment Coral Actives.
  • $19.99 copy of children’s book “Archibald’s Next Big Thing.”
  • $23 reusable bottle from Memobottle.
  • $24.99 in protein shakes from Purely Inspired.
  • $24.99 copy of “The Kindness Diaries: One Man’s Quest to Ignite Goodwill and Transform Lives Around the World.”
  • $25 edition of “Show Me the Movie: The Movie Version of Charades.”
  • $35.99 organic T-shirt from California Good Clothing.
  • $36 hand-crocheted bracelet from Sashka Co.
  • $39.99 screen protector from Phantom Glass.
  • $40 flip-flops from Ibiza Soul.
  • $45 in gluten-free cookies from Esther Easter’s Treats.
  • $45.94 in products from Hydroxycut.
  • $49.95 book from The Getty of British painter Joseph Mallord William Turner’s paintings.
  • $49.99 in clothing from Jennifer Nicole Lee’s fashion line JNL Clothing.
  • $50 in gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels and treats from Posh Pretzels.
  • $54.50 heel protectors from Starlettos.
  • $56 for two six-packs of Naked Luxery Condoms.
  • $59 in dinnerware from Slimware.
  • $60 to TAGS fashion boutique.
  • $68 six-pack of herbal tea based lollipops from Dosha Pops that will come in a 24K edible gold leaf assortment.
  • $75 bottle of Mezcal El Silencio.
  • $100 rechargeable sonic toothbrush from Pop Dental.
  • $109.85 stationary by Australian artist Natan Ferlazzo to raise funds for wildlife conservation.
  • $109.95 activity tracker from Polar Loop.
  • $115 DermaWand to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • $125 to $225 in Naked Undies.
  • $126.95 for their own star from the International Star Registry along with hard cover copy of “Your Place in the Cosmos, Vol. 10.”
  • $149 facial repair cream from Rejuvel.
  • $149.99 LG Tone Infinim wireless headset.
  • $149 wearable camera and app from Narrative Clip.
  • $150 “Old Hollywood” themed gift basket from Nostalgia Baskets.
  • $150 custom Sterling Silver bracelet from Lat & Lo inscribed with the latitude and longitude coordinates of the Dolby Theater in California.
  • $175 to $300 in bow ties from ZuZu Kim.
  • $197 in luxury hair care products from Maaz Products.
  • $200 gift set of Oz Naturals skin care products.
  • $203 Italian made scarf and backpack from Adri & Sara.
  • $250 worth of MyntSmile porcelain veneer toothpaste.
  • $249 portable Haze Vaporizer.
  • $270 watch from Slow Watches.
  • $280 private tour of Tampa, Florida’s Big Cat Rescue facility along with merchandise.
  • $300 signed piece of art from Hollywood artist and photographer Ron Kennedy Roecker.
  • $350 worth of locally made California products Hazel Lane.
  • $520 wellness book from Live Natural Live Well and aromatherapy massage, and consult by acupuncturist Heather Lounsbury.
  • $569 in wine from BackRoad Vines.
  • $672 for a year’s worth of flavored, caffeinated club soda from Caffeinated Club.
  • $750 in shoes from Max Martin.
  • $800 gift certificate to Candy Vixen’s custom candy and dessert buffet.
  • $1,000 limited-edition cassette collector’s item from Crush DLX with a link to their music.
  • $1,072 gift voucher for a seven-day retreat from The Golden Door.
  • $1,200 designer bike with an automatic transmission from Martone Cycling.
  • $5,000 in prints from Los Angeles artist Gunner Fox.
  • $5,000 family-portrait session and a 40″ X 50″ framed portrait from Lifestyle Photography.
  • $6,270 for a 10,000 meal donation of Halo Natural Pet Food from Freekibble.com to the shelter or rescue of the celebrity’s choice along with samples of Halo food for their pet.
  • $28,000 piece of custom-designed furniture from EF+Facto.

Feel like a Star with a box of Naked Condoms, the World’s Only Luxury Condom.

Get Naked

Good Sex Can Save The World, How You Can Get Involved.

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As a manufacturer of contraceptives for several decades I have a few things to say about sex. I think most people would agree that a great sex life is a win-win. It’s not just about one partner. While I know it is problematic to compare gender equality with sex, I do think the best sex can’t happen without it. Regardless of role play or fantasies, sex which is bad for one is ultimately bad for both.

Good sex not only makes you feel good, it allows you to see beyond yourself. There are endless songs and poems about transcendent intimacy. A romantic experience gets you outside of yourself. Think about it. Sexual fantasies tend not to take place in a toxic landfill, a slum, or on the shores of a polluted lake. Each partner leads the other to somewhere better. The journey and destination are both compelling. In fantasies, we like to imagine ourselves in a better world, anew, and with someone special.

Good sex doesn’t have to be a fantasy. To make it real, however, requires skill. It is deliberate. There is no room for laziness. Sex encumbered by disease and ill considered consequences are amateurish at best. If disease-free doesn’t work for you, you’re doing it wrong. For sex to be profound, we need to move toward our potential. That means fewer unplanned pregnancies and more young women staying in school. It means better family planning which supports stable households and communities which, in turn, promotes economic development as well as better management of resources. Only then does the full fantasy envelop us in a crescendo of comfort and luxury.

We don’t need to stop the music. Good sex can save the world. That’s why the Gates Foundation considers women’s access to family planning as an economic, environmental, and civic issue. Similarly, the #HeForShe movement emphasizes the benefits of gender equality for both sexes. Finally, the #Showyourselfie campaign links gender equality and youth empowerment to Global Citizen’s goal of eliminating extreme poverty by 2030.

“The nature of our business is already a good cause, and beyond this, It Takes Two is the focus of my vision for social responsibility at Naked Condoms. In addition to giving hundreds of thousands of condoms each year to family planning initiatives in low income nations such as Venezuela, my goal is for 50% of profits from Naked Condoms to go towards campaigning efforts furthering women’s empowerment and increasing access to family planning services and information for girls and women everywhere. This is where my heart and soul is and the story I really want to tell at Naked Condoms“.
~ Jud Ireland CEO Naked Condoms.

Thinking about just how good sex can be, how it can be better for everyone, may mean we need to rethink a few things… but there’s no downside to it!

For myself, this has led me to rethink condoms. Condoms, being one of the most popular, safe, and widely available means of contraception, should not just be thought of as “for men.” Condoms are equal opportunity. That’s why I’m proud to say that Naked Condoms is not only pledging to support Global Citizen’s campaigning work for gender equality, but will also donate 20% of future profits to family planning and global health initiatives around the world.

Women, just like men, should expect safety and pleasure during sex. Condoms for women is more than a new option; its making the world a better and sexier place!

~ This article was originally posted on GlobalCitizen.org.

Global Citizen. (JULY 9, 2014)
from https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/how-good-sex-can-save-the-world/

Commitment to Family Planning and Global Health Initiatives

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In 2013, the CEO of Naked Condoms, Jud Ireland, with the help of the Global Poverty Project, committed to provide two million condoms to Uganda, and 20% of all company profits to organizations furthering access to international family planning and global health initiatives.


Jud Ireland said, “The nature of our business is already a good cause, and beyond this, It Takes Two is the focus of my vision for social responsibility at Naked Condoms. In addition to giving hundreds of thousands of condoms each year to family planning initiatives in low income nations such as Venezuela, my goal is for 50% of profits from Naked Condoms to go towards campaigning efforts furthering women’s empowerment and increasing access to family planning services and information for girls and women everywhere. This is where my heart and soul is and the story I really want to tell at Naked Condoms“.


Naked Condoms will continue supporting It Takes Two with a commitment of 20% of all profits for at least the next two years.


Naked Condoms committed to donate 2 million condoms to Uganda and give 20% of all future profits to family planning initiatives at the Global Citizen Festival in New York.

To coincide with the United Nations General Assembly, the Global Citizen Festival met for the second time in Central Park, New York City. This mass advocacy event brought together Global Citizens to commit to taking us another step closer to ending extreme poverty.

Erin Heatherton Speaks Out with Jud Ireland

Supermodel Erin Heatherton, Global Citizen Ambassador, and the CEO of Naked Condoms, Jud Ireland, call on condom makers to join Naked’s pledge to work towaJrd giving 222 million women access to family planning, education, and contraceptives.


To get involved with the Naked pledge and start making an impact, simply fill out the contact form on the bottom of this page or use the contact details to reach out.

Naked Condoms is a luxury brand that produces the highest-quality condom product in the world. The company provides the highest standards possible for production, higher than regulating bodies and the industry as a whole, along with unequaled attention to craftsmanship. As part of their responsible manufacturing philosophy, Naked buys carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprint in order to promote environmental sustainability. Naked seeks to buy organic fair trade latex produced without child labor from sustainability-managed farms. The Naked Foundation donates millions of condoms each year and supports education, young children, organic farming, and HIV/AIDS education awareness.

~ This article was originally posted on GlobalCitizen.org.

Global Citizen. (JULY 9, 2014)
from https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/progress-on-naked-condoms-commitment-to-further-fa/

TAB: Condoms & Makeover, Making A Difference

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By Susan Viebrock

What in the world do thousands of condoms and one major makeover have to do with the ongoing fight against a deadly pandemic? And yes, there is yet another Holy Grail du jour, this one, an ovoid blue pill with a focused-group name, but is it The Answer?


Stay tuned please. We promise to connect the dots.

The annual Telluride AIDS Benefit and its fashion show – this year, Saturday, February 27, 2016, with a local’s preview on Thursday, February 25 –  was born out of concern for a beloved local named Robert Presley, whose escalating AIDS-related medical expenses inspired his friends to launch the nonprofit back in 1993.

Robt Presley

From its Free Boxy roots, the fashion show grew into a runway theatre. Presley, an over-the-top personality, fiber artist and costume designer enthusiastically applauded (until his death in 1997).

This year, #23 – directed by Telluride Theatre’s executive director Colin Sullivan and Palm Arts’ Jessica Galbo – will once again feature fabulous (local) models, loud music, flashing lights and booty-shaking choreography. But that glitz and glamor is in the service of TAB’ seven beneficiaries, which all rely on TAB for a major leg-up (read dollars) in their efforts to help individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS from Colorado’s Front Range to Africa.

To be very clear, without TAB, hundreds, (thousands over the years), might not get the help they need to survive, including children, which means the efforts of the organization are just as important, just as relevant today as they were at its modest  street dancing start, perhaps more so.

And – drumroll please – here’s where we begin to connect the dots.

Jud Ireland

Jud Ireland came to Telluride after living in Los Angeles for 20 years. He felt Telluride was the perfect escape from the chaos and materialism of his former address.

“I fell in love with the beautiful mountains surrounding the town and all the warm, interesting, caring people the region seems to attract.”

Although he now lives in Miami Beach, Jud still consider Telluride his true home, the home of his heart, so he continues to give back to the community whenever he can. Jud remains affiliated with several nonprofits in the area, including the Ah Haa School and the Telluride AIDS Benefit.

“TAB represents all my favorite things about my favorite town: the nonprofit has a focused and important mission; boundless intelligence; and great style with heart. I have always had my hand in several projects at any given time, still do, but for the past 20 years my passion has been to create and distribute the world’s finest condoms. And I am grateful that through TAB, the fruits of my labor will positively impact so many lives: a win for TAB and its beneficiaries is also a win for me.”

Naked Condoms Quality

Jud’s company donated 46,000 condoms to the Telluride AIDS Benefit: 33,000 will be dispersed to various nonprofits TAB helps to support; the rest go to local artist Kathleen Morgan, who will be using them to create a piece of wearable art and to TAB directors to use however they deem appropriate. Given a retail price of $1/condom, Jud’s donation amounts to a value of $46,000. But if his donation saves even a single life, the gift is priceless.

Let’s Talk Condoms. How Do You Feel ?

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Talk SexAttitudes concerning birth control have changed dramatically. Attitudes are important because they reflect our willingness to discuss issues such as birth control, women’s health, or HIV. Clearly, there’s a lot more to condoms than a single topic of conversation. As one of the world’s most popular forms of contraceptive, their impact is enormous. Not only are condoms on a level with modern medicine, environmental sustainability, and women’s rights in terms of global impact, they enable them.

That’s something to talk about!

That’s why experts in diverse fields, from climate change to gender equity, are going on about condoms, contraception, and family planning. Many are even rallying around family planning to be recognized as part of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals to be finalized in September. Family planning leads to more stable households and equitable communities which respect women’s health. These factors support economic development and better management of resources. In fact, family planning might be the most efficient means to protect the environment and fight poverty. Condoms, of course, play a vital role in this.

If that sound like a mouthful already, we’re just getting started. We need to begin a new conversation about condoms which emphasizes their role in making the world a more sustainable and balanced place. That means talking about condoms differently; listening to new perspectives. For this reason, Naked Condoms, markets its condoms to women to emphasize that women are beneficiaries of their use and, therefore, should have the authority to expect them. A healthy relationship between men and women is intimate, so it only makes sense that their needs are best served together.

Getting away from the idea that condoms are merely a man’s contraceptive is not only a practical decision, but more accurate. There is a lot more to say about condoms. It is vitally important that more people know about the importance of contraception. So, the next time you have the chance, don’t be hesitant to start a conversation about condoms.

Here is your chance, share your comments below does it really matter ?

Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore.

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Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore.

Published on the opening scene of HBO’s The Newsroom” TV series.

This short clip speaks volumes to where America ranks in the “greatest countries in the world list” and narrows in on some of the values and beliefs we once stood for. Over the decades what once was a driving factor in our country is slowly slipping away. This is why it’s important more than ever that companies and individuals must stand up for not only Americas rank but the worlds.

That is why Naked Condoms has laid the gauntlet down to the other contraceptive brands by giving away over 2 million condoms as a commitment to further the family planning movement. Naked was created not just as a contraceptive but a way for us to make a difference we believe the right of all woman to have a choice, to say no, to find their power their inner beauty.

Your decision makes the world a better place for everyone.
Decide to be Naked.

Do you know of any movement that is making a positive impact? Leave a comment we love hearing from our readers.